Bounty Hounds Online Agent Gameplay (BHO)

Avatar StoryGamer | April 13, 2018

Bounty Hounds Online Agent Gameplay (BHO): Here’s some gameplay of the Agent class from the new 2014 version of Bounty Hounds Online.

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There is just as much power found in sticking to the shadows and striking with speed and precision as there is in brute strength. The Agent is a master at dodging enemy attacks and getting in close with precise, lethal blows that cripple and maim opponents. While enemies are focused on the bigger, more obvious targets, the Agent silently slips in for the kill, stunning and disabling their prey with an endless flurry of razor-sharp attacks.

Bounty Hounds Online is a Sci-Fi MMORPG featuring stunning graphics and exciting action! Select from 5 different character classes and experience a unique battle system with fully customizable CTUs to fight along your squad. The world of Clear Sky is now yours to explore!

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