Psychonauts OST Full Soundtrack

Avatar StoryGamer | September 20, 2017

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0:17 The adventure begins
0:31 Whispering Rock psychic summer camp
6:39 Coach Oleander’s mental battlefield
11:12 A mind of bauhaus principles
13:15 A psychologically crushing battle
15:20 Relaxing within the campground lodge
17:52 Looking deep within one’s self
19:47 Agent Cruller’s sacred hall
22:24 The self exploration continues
24:24 The Mental Minx’s cranial party
26:16 The blueprints to demise
27:36 The prototype demands results
28:56 Under the cover of darkness
31:15 Descending to the ghost town
32:39 The lungfish gives chase
34:41 Putting the beast to sleep
35:20 Fighting for the cause in lungfishopolis
36:51 Bringing Kochamara down to the ground
38:22 Asylum of a bygone age
39:57 The Watchman’s twisted reality
41:32 The Milkman’s den has been breached
42:40 Happy flowers
44:10 Hagatha’s home
46:19 The Phantom of the catwalks
48:03 A touch of criticism
50:13 Within the asylum’s deteoriating depths
51:43 Black Velvetopian streets
53:38 Taking on black Velvetopia’s worst
55:01 Napoleon’s final conflict revisited
57:28 The lair of Dr Loboto
58:52 The prototype becomes reality
1:00:26 Their own flesh and blood
1:01:37 Title and credits montage

Psychonauts OST Full Soundtrack

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Psychonauts is a platform video game created by Tim Schafer and starring the voice of Richard Horvitz as Raz. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox and PlayStation 2. It was released on Steam on October 11, 2006, as an Xbox Original through Xbox Live Marketplace, and on the GameTap subscription service. On November 5, 2009, Psychonauts became available through the online distribution service through their partnership with Majesco. In September 2011, an OS X port was released, with a Linux port released through the Humble Indie Bundle V on May 2012. The PlayStation 2 version was re-released on PlayStation Network on August 28, 2012.

Psychonauts is based on the character Raz, a young boy gifted with psychic abilities who runs away from the circus to try to sneak into a summer camp for those with similar powers in order to become a “Psychonaut”, a spy with psychic abilities. He finds that there is a sinister plot occurring at the camp that only he can stop. The game is centered on the strange and imaginative minds of various characters that Raz enters as a Psychonaut-in-training/”Psycadet” in order to help them overcome their fears or memories of their past, so as to gain their help and progress in the game. Raz gains use of several psychic abilities during the game that are used for both attacking foes and solving puzzles.

The game received critical acclaim and several accolades, but suffered from poor sales, and the publisher Majesco suffered financial difficulties relating to Psychonauts and other titles in its catalogue. The game has since gained a cult following.

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